Bluware and AWS make deep learning possible for E&P subsurface interpretation teams.


Accelerate the seismic interpretation process with Bluware InteractivAITM deep learning technology.

InteractivAI is architected to handle the data engineering and data science tasks automatically. Geoscientists can collaborate from anywhere, anytime, and focus on subsurface challenges by avoiding data management bottlenecks.

  • Consume any amount of seismic data directly and avoid cropping, decimating, or rasterizing seismic traces.
  • Eliminate data preparation tasks such as blocking, randomizing and record file creating.
  • Pause and resume network training until the results converge to your expert judgement. 
  • Eliminate batch processing on entire seismic volumes before you're ready. Inspect interim inference results in milliseconds.
  • Capture, preserve, and utilize intelligence from previous projects and experienced interpreters to guide asset teams.
Move Your Seismic Interpretation Workflows to AWS

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