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      Access VDS full commercial engine to store subsurface data that is cloud-ready and streamable for high-performance workflows.

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      Access the open-source API version of VDS, available on The Open Group OSDU™ Data Platform.

    • OpenVDS+

      Download Bluware’s freeware industry-leading compression technology.

    • InteractivAI

      Take full control of your subsurface data interpretation with an interactive deep learning tool.

    • FAST

      Stream subsurface data from the cloud to your existing interpretation applications. Rapidly visualize large data volumes and run your applications faster than ever before.

    • Headwave

      Remove the limitations created by subsurface data size to enable full visualization, interactivity, and computation across your E&P workflows.

    • Teleport

      Transfer subsurface data for earlier processing within 24 hours of acquisition.

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    Solve your subsurface challenges with our software development and consulting services with expertise in deep learning.

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      Bluware increases E&P workflow productivity through cloud solutions and deep learning, so geoscientists can deliver faster and smarter decisions about the subsurface.

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      With more than 20 years of experience delivering technology, we’re changing the industry one petabyte at a time.

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    Are you ready to enter the next generation of subsurface data workflows?

VDS, a powerful and flexible storage format for multi-dimensional signal data, such as seismic, was developed 15+ years ago to overcome the inherent limitations in existing data formats. The architecture adopts concepts developed in the gaming industry where interactive performance is critical. Both the open-source and commercial implementations can support previously unachievable application workflows and end-user experiences.

Download this Blupaper, VDS Deep Dive, which details the configurations and recommendations for importing datasets into VDS onto your preferred application. Get access to information on:

  • Implementations
  • Channels and data type
  • Compression format and quality
  • Metadata
  • Anatomy of VDS and more.
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